About Detectorists Club

Detectorists Club About Page

The Detectorists Club website is a site related to all things metal detecting and treasure hunting.

I myself have spent over 15 years metal detecting and hunting treasure in a number of locations all over the world. I’ve spent a lot of time and money on these trips, that’s why I wanted to put all my knowledge to good use and help out and inspire other like-minded detectors.

Because metal detecting is my main hobby, I’ve spent an absolute fortune on it, though to be fair, some of the big finds I have made has made me a good chunk of that money back.

But for myself, metal-detecting is not all about the financial side of my finds, I just genuinely love the mystery and history that potentially surrounds a find.

I’ve tested lots of different brands of metal detectors throughout the years and still continue to buy new releases to check them out for myself. My metal detector reviews are hopefully seen as honest, fair and unbiased. I would also like to point out that I’m not sponsored or paid to do any of the metal detector reviews on the Detectorists Club website.

I also have created a blog section that includes some finds, advice, tips and general news, so be sure to check that out if you’re interested. The site is aimed at all levels of detectors and treasure hunters, so we hope that everyone finds the blog useful in some way.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for on the site, want to request a review, ask us a question, or just give us some general feedback, then please be sure to contact me and I’ll respond as soon as I possibly can.