Almost 9 pound silver treasure of medieval Poland

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It was summer, it was hot, the grass was waist-high. Digging was just impossible. The heat made me constantly stop and drink water. The wood was the only place to relax and wander.

All the fields around were sown. There was not a single place to hunt and dig treasures. This was the reason we chose the wood to try our luck in treasure hunting. Why trying luck? We headed to the wood having no information about this location. We just drove a car and stopped near the first available one.

Silver treasure of medieval Poland 2

We found nothing except litter for the entire day. That is why I took a look at my watch and made a decision to go back to the car. Just in a minute i heard a distinct color sound under the coil.

I made a few digs and saw something looking like a blind shell. But it looked something strange. It had an even bottom without detonator with a weird rounding at the bottom. I did not have any idea of what this could be, however I experienced a strong interest towards the thing I discovered. That is why I decided to go on digging.

I accidentally touched a finding with a shovel, it «burst», a side-wall and a bottom fell apart in the pit… I became rooted to the spot as I saw coins … All I remember further on was my heartbeat and adrenaline pulsing in vessels.

The treasure consisted of coins of low value of Medieval Poland. Unfortunately there were no coins of high value. The overall weight of coins equalled almost 9 pounds.

Metal detecting finds. Silver treasure of medieval Poland 9

I wish you good luck! As I found my luck back in 2016 =)

  • 02.09.2016

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