Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Metal Detector Review

At just 2.4 pounds, the Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 is incredibly lightweight and easy to control, making it a great choice for taking on the go. Even though it is an ultra lightweight detector, it still features advanced settings that allow more advanced users to enjoy great hunts without having to worry about wasting time digging up the wrong target. The all digital controls are shockingly easy to use and make adjusting the metal detector fast and simple. 

The features are what really set this metal detector apart from others that are currently on the market. It has a powerful adjustable discrimination that makes eliminating unwanted targets easy, preventing the metal detector from picking up on them when in the field. Additionally, it boasts four different models of operating, including a mode that allows users to turn on the metal detector and go without having to adjust settings. 

The nine target segments make identifying buried objects easier than ever and prevent users from having to dig them up to see what they are, which prevents wasting time. Users who want to be able to identify the objects they find by ear will appreciate that the metal detector has four different audio tone IDs. These unique tones sound at different types of metal. This, in addition to the visual depth indicator, makes it easy for users to determine whether or not they want to dig. 

The 8” search coil is waterproof, which makes it great to use in all locations and climates. It can easily detect buried coins up to 9” deep and larger objects an impressive 3’ deep. With a ¼” headphone jack, users can enjoy using their metal detector without bothering other people. The automatic ground balance, ergonomic armrest, and the impressive five-year limited warranty all make this a great option for most any user.

  • 22.11.2016

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