Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star Metal Detector Review

Not all metal detectors have to be overly expensive to work well and provide professional results as the powerful Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star detector proves. This is a powerful metal detector that offers professional results thanks to the durable search coil, impressive and clear LCD screen that is easy to read, and comfortable handle and design. Designed to easily detect items as small as a coin as deep as 10”, it’s easy to see why this metal detector is such a great option. 

There are two different systems integrated together to create this durable and powerful metal detector. The No-Motion mode as well as the Auto Notch Discrimination work well. When using the No-Motion mode, the detector will make a sound as soon as metal objects are directly underneath the search coil, which means that the user doesn’t have to be moving for the detector to work. The Auto Notch Discrimination mode is great for use on the go. 

Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star Screen Display

The search coil is submersible and 8”, which means that it can easily be used in water without accidentally breaking or wearing out. This makes it a great option for use around bodies of water and at the beach, where lower quality metal detectors may not be able to survive. Additionally, the Ground Trac feature balances the coil to work perfectly with any soil conditions.

The multifunction LCD readout has touchpad controls allowing users to easily see the depth of metal and possible type of what has been located. Even beginners will be able to quickly and easily handle this metal detector, as the touchpad is incredibly intuitive. With four modes of operation, two metal detection systems, and a built-in headphone jack and speaker, this metal detector is powerful, light, and incredibly easy for anyone to pick up and start using.

  • 28.08.2019

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