Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1 Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1 Metal Detector Review

One of the key features of the Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1 metal detector that really sets it apart from other options on the market is that it is ergonomically designed and incredibly lightweight. At just under three pounds, this metal detector is a great option for anyone who wants to be outside looking for treasure, but who can’t handle a heavier unit. This, however, doesn’t mean that this metal detector isn’t durable, as it is powerful as well as easy to control and operate. 

The metal detector features great sensitivity control, which makes it ideal for use in multiple situations, as users can easily track and adjust their settings to try and get the best results when hunting. The excellent sensitivity that it offers makes finding coin-sized objects easier than ever, as it can detect them up to 5” deep without any problems. In addition, it can easily detect larger items that are buried up to 3’ deep, making it great for finding a variety of different objects. 

Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1 Screen

The weather-resistant coil can easily operate in any type of climate. Rather than having to worry about having a perfectly dry area and dry conditions for metal detecting, using this metal detector means that users can enjoy the hunt no matter the weather or where they are located. It features two search modes, making it easy to hone in on certain objects and to search either deeper or closer to the surface. 

With impressive discrimination control, this metal detector does a great job of eliminating iron, as well as other unwanted items, so that users don’t feel like they’re wasting their time on the hunt. Since it only requires two 9V batteries, it’s easy to power up this metal detector and get out the door in a hurry without worrying about charging expensive battery packs.

  • 25.08.2016

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