Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector Review

Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector Review

One major problem that some people run into when using a metal detector is that it doesn’t operate at the right frequency so that it will be sensitive to targets that have lower and medium conductivity. The Garrett 400, however, is designed to be incredibly sensitive to these targets, which means that it can easily determine when there are objects made from lead and gold in the ground. With a higher frequency of 10kHz, this metal detector has a lot of uses.

One great feature of this metal detector is that it has a frequency adjust ability, which makes it possible for users to easily toggle between various frequency shifts. This eliminates interference from other power sources and allows the metal detector to easily focus on what is in the ground. With five different discrimination modes to choose from, users can easily adjust the metal detector when they are searching for certain objects. 

Garrett ACE 400 Screen Display

Some of the discrimination modes include sensitivity adjustment, electronic pinpointing, and high-resolution iron discrimination. The control panel is easy to understand and to use, making adjusting the metal detector on the go possible. With buttons for selecting mode, sensitivity, and discrimination as well as information on coin depth and item type, this metal detector is surprisingly easy to use. 

In addition, this unit ships with headphones so that users can use the metal detector without bothering others. It also comes with a rain cover to make using the equipment in foul weather possible without damage. Finally, since this unit needs just four AA batteries and ships with them, users can get started on their hunt right away. The stable camlocks, digital target ID, and adjustable arm strap all make this one of the most durable and easy to use units that is currently on the market today.

  • 17.11.2016

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