Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

Garrett AT Pro — one of the top popular metal detecting devices among Semi-pro units in its price segment. The popularity is explained with new options which were previously unavailable for metal detectors.

Garrett AT Pro is a symbiosis of ground and underwater metal detection which will perfectly perform on any surface whether you set to explore the lands in the country, a local sandy beach or to explore a river bed. In any of these environments the metal detector AT Pro will perform well its searching abilities which despite everything ensure a valid practical effect.

The construction of Garrett AT Pro

The metal detector is black and consists of three sticks connected in sequence. Apart from a standard mechanism of sticks fixing with ports and spring return buttons, the Garrett AT Pro is equipped with two connectors which ensure complete fastness of connection, thus you will not feel any looseness during usage. Garrett AT Pro features a lightweight construction.

Its weight is only 3lbs. The device is easy and simple to assemble and disassemble. When disassembled the gadget does not consume much space and can be easily placed in the bag.


The metal detector is controlled with 11 buttons many of which support multiple options and commands. The buttons are easily pressed with a thumb of the hand which holds the handle of AT Pro.

Let us review all the controls of Garrett AT Pro:

MODE – this button ensures a choice of search mode (selection mode) as well as switching on and off with 1sec holding.

SENSITIVITY – two buttons of control “+” to add and “-” to lower the sensitivity.

PINPOINT – a button of exact detection of aim location, to shift the frequency the SENSITIVITY button is applied.

NOTCH – two buttons of control “+” and “-” move up and down the selection scale to choose a necessary element (used together with ELIM)

ELIM – the button switches on or off the element chosen with the NOTCH option.

IRON DISC – the  regulation of the level of discrimination of metal. Two buttons of control “+” to move up and “-” to move down the level of discrimination.

IRON AUDIO – the sound signal of metal detection.

GROUND BALANCE – automatic calibration of ground search, for manual calibration of ground search the NOTCH button is used.


When the device is immersed, the control unit is fully water protected. All the essential elements which can be sensitive to water such as jacks of coil and headset are sealed. The exterior speaker of the metal detector is also waterproof, that is why the detector can be safely immersed up to 3 meters with no damages to the electric units.

The only advice is that before immersing it is recommended to fasten the lock bolt of coil and headset. Also it is recommended to check the lock bolt of electric unit and to check its sealing. It is not advised to keep the detector under direct sunlight and then plug it into the water right away.

The headset coming in the kit can also be used during underwater search. The jack is sealed, however the headset itself is not recommended to be immersed. The allowed level of immersion is up to the speakers. If you need to perform a fully underwater search with full immersion then choose a specific headset which is available to buy additionally.

Ground Balance

Garrett has equipped its metal detector with two options for tuning the device for ground search: automatic and manual. Such an approach allows to use the metal detector on the highly mineralized ground and on complex grounds.

Automatic setting for the ground search is made as follows:

  • find an area free from metal
  • press GND BAL button and move the coil up and down in the range of 2 to 20cm. When the sound will become minimum low, release the GND BAL button and go searching.
  • Manual setting for ground search is made as follows:
    • find an area free from metal, press the button GND BAL and move the coil up and down in the range of 2 to 20cm, when you will hear a sound signal
    • press NOTCH “-” or NOTCH “+” in respond to quiet sound. Repeat the setting till the sound signal will become minimal. In such a way you can up and down the level of mineralization.

Elimination of Noise

In order to reduce noise from electric power lines or from metal detector of your companion, you can slightly adjust the frequency of the unit. There are 4 channels to eliminate noise in Garrett AT Pro. To reduce the noise you need to press PINPOINT button. Holding the PINPOINT, press SENSITIVITY “+”/”-”  to select one of the available low noise channels. If you fail to eliminate noise, then try to reduce the sensitivity of the metal detector.

Search modes STD and PRO

AT Pro offers two search modes. One of them is standard (STD), another one is professional (PRO). For a beginning metal digger the standard mode is more preferable and is recommended. For advanced users the PRO mode is recommended.

In the PRO search mode the device allows to estimate the depth of location of a detected unit and the change of the tone of signal. This mode also features the best realization of two detected units located close to one another and of the units detected at a great depth. It is recommended to apply the PRO search mode when in headset, as without headset you will likely to miss units detected at a great depth.

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