Garrett metal detector reviews

Garrett Ace 150 review

Before reviewing Garrett Ace 150, I would like to stress that though this metal detector is a budget solution and is not placed as a winning model on the market of metal detecting devices, it features an optimum compromise of price and features.

The Garrett Ace 150 metal detector features all necessary options to search and find the same pieces of treasures which are commonly found with ten times as expensive metal detectors as this one.

It is a curious fact that most customers get alarmed with the price of the metal detector and consider it to be a sign of low quality of the device and decide to buy a more expensive tool. This is a wrong consideration even because your luck during treasure hunting means much more than a device. Your luck does not depend on your sound knowledge of where to hunt treasures and how to hunt them.

Garrett AT Pro review

Garrett AT Pro — one of the top popular metal detecting devices among Semi-pro units in its price segment. The popularity is explained with new options which were previously unavailable for metal detectors.

Garrett AT Pro is a symbiosis of ground and underwater metal detection which will perfectly perform on any surface whether you set to explore the lands in the country, a local sandy beach or to explore a river bed. In any of these environments the metal detector AT Pro will perform well its searching abilities which despite everything ensure a valid practical effect.

Garrett AT Gold review

Having used Garrett AT Gold for a while, I came to a conclusion that this metal detector is a better optimized for detection of low-conductivity units due to its 18khz frequency. The name of the detector also speaks for itself. However some one-for-all features are present in the device. But to enjoy them one must choose Garrett AT Pro version.

The AT Gold version is based on three-segment, S-shaped unit. The electronic module is located on the upper stick. The power unit is located in the electronic module. If necessary, the electronic module can be removed from the unit. The arm pad is standard and is equipped with a holding strap.