Makro Deephunter Pro 3D Metal Detector Review

Makro Deephunter Pro 3D Metal Detector Review

What’s really impressive about this powerful metal detector is that it is able to locate individual coins, as well as deeper treasures that are hiding further underground. The Makro Deephunter Pro is an extremely advanced metal detector, and one that is designed for use by avid fans. Not only does this metal detector easily work when the user is not in motion, but it also features a motion mode, allowing users to walk at a normal pace without worrying about whether or not they are missing anything. 

A single button controls the different detecting styles of this metal detector, allowing users to choose between a more powerful deep mode and a lightning fast mode. The deeper mode is ideal for locating treasure hidden further underground and can also easily find voids and cavities that are deep in the earth. This is great for users who want to search deeper into the earth than is possible with other detectors. 

Makro Deephunter Pro 3D Screen Display

The lightning fast mode is perfect for finding individual items and offers full discrimination, as well as audio tone identification. Since this metal detector can be used for shallow, medium, and deep locations, it’s the one machine that users will need when they are serious about metal detecting. What really sets this unit apart, however, is the advanced technology and display.

The full color display of the Makro Deephunter Pro is unlike anything else and makes it easy for users to track the depth of items, see what they may be, and also check the sensitivity of their search. Since this metal detector comes with everything that users need to get started on their hunt, it’s a great option for beginners or for more advanced users who want to take their search to the next level and need a highly responsive piece of equipment that they can easily rely on.

  • 29.08.2019

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