Makro Jeotech Metal Detector Review

Makro Jeotech Metal Detector Review

Professionals looking for a powerful metal detector that goes above and beyond what other models are able to do will definitely want to consider the Makro Jeotech. This powerful model is not only one of the best options for finding objects deep in the ground, but is also incredibly sensitive, which makes it ideal for looking for smaller objects. Not only can this metal detector easily locate objects that are hidden or buried under the ground, but it does an exceptional job locating voids such as caves, graves, and tunnels. 

This is a deep seeking unit, which means that it does an exceptional job easily finding items that are buried deeper underground, unlike other metal detectors which can struggle with them. The VLF unit of 12kHz is similar to a two-box metal detector. While detection depth depends on ground conditions, as well as the composition and size of the item, it can generally detect up to two to three meters below ground. 

Thanks to the powerful control knobs, the durable coils, and the light-up display, it’s easy for users to quickly determine if it is worth it for them to dig in the ground for the uncovered items. Additionally, this metal detector is surprisingly comfortable and easy to hold. By adjusting the volume, light, ground, and sensitivity, users can quickly find hidden treasure. 

This package doesn’t just include a high-quality metal detector, but also a free 14” x 17” D coil in addition to the standard 8.5” x 12” D coil. Being able to switch out coils makes it easy for users to quickly change the power and control that they have on their metal detector, offering them the best possible experience. Designed to out perform other similar models and to offer plenty of user-friendly controls, this is a great advanced and powerful option.

  • 28.08.2019

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