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  • Garrett ACE 150
    Garrett ACE 200
    Garrett ACE 200i
    Garrett ACE 250
    Garrett ACE 300
    Garrett ACE 300i
    Garrett ACE 350
    Garrett ACE 400
    Garrett ACE 400i
    Garrett Euro ACE
    Garrett GTI 1500
    Garrett GTI 2500
    Garrett GTI 3500
    Garrett GTP 1350
    Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger
    Garrett ATX
    Garrett Infinium LS
    Garrett Sea Hunter Mark 2
    Garrett AT Gold
    Garrett AT Pro
    Garrett AT Pro International

  • Minelab CTX 3030
    Minelab E-Trac
    Minelab Eureka Gold
    Minelab Excalibur 2
    Minelab Explorer SE Pro
    Minelab Go-Find 20
    Minelab Go-Find 40
    Minelab Go-Find 60
    Minelab GPX 4800
    Minelab GPX 5000
    Minelab GPZ 7000
    Minelab Safari
    Minelab SDC 2300
    Minelab Sovereign GT
    Minelab X-Terra 305
    Minelab X-Terra 505
    Minelab X-Terra 705

  • Fisher 1280x
    Fisher CZ-21
    Fisher CZ-3D
    Fisher CZX
    Fisher F11
    Fisher F19
    Fisher F2
    Fisher F22
    Fisher F4
    Fisher F44
    Fisher F5
    Fisher F70
    Fisher F75
    Fisher F80
    Fisher F85
    Fisher Gemini 3
    Fisher Gold Bug 2
    Fisher Gold Bug DP
    Fisher Mosca
    Fisher Pro-Arc
    Fisher Pro-Tech
    Fisher TW-6

  • Whites Beach Hunter ID 300
    Whites Coinmaster
    Whites Coinmaster PRO
    Whites GMT
    Whites GMZ
    Whites Matrix M6
    Whites MX Sport
    Whites MX5
    Whites MXT
    Whites MXT All Pro
    Whites MXT Pro
    Whites Sierra Madre
    Whites Spectra V3i
    Whites Surfmaster PI Dual Field
    Whites TDI SL 12
    Whites TM-808
    Whites TreasureMaster
    Whites TreasurePro
    Whites Xventure

  • XP Adventis 2
    XP Adx 150
    XP Deus
    XP GMaxx 2
    XP Gold Maxx Power

  • Teknetics Alpha 2000
    Teknetics Delta 4000
    Teknetics Digitek
    Teknetics Eta
    Teknetics EuroTek
    Teknetics EuroTek PRO
    Teknetics G2
    Teknetics Gamma 6000
    Teknetics Kappa
    Teknetics Omega 8000
    Teknetics Omega 8500
    Teknetics T2

  • Bounty Hunter 1st Texas Pilot
    Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100
    Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200
    Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300
    Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker
    Bounty Hunter Gold
    Bounty Hunter Gold Digger
    Bounty Hunter HandyMan
    Bounty Hunter Junior
    Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID
    Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro
    Bounty Hunter Lone Star
    Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro
    Bounty Hunter Pioneer 501
    Bounty Hunter Pioneer 503
    Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505
    Bounty Hunter Platinum
    Bounty Hunter Quick Draw 2
    Bounty Hunter Quick Draw PRO
    Bounty Hunter Quick Silver
    Bounty Hunter Tracker 2
    Bounty Hunter Tracker 4
    Bounty Hunter VLF

  • Tesoro Cibola
    Tesoro Compadre
    Tesoro Compadre SE
    Tesoro Cortes
    Tesoro DeLeon
    Tesoro Golden uMax
    Tesoro Lobo
    Tesoro Outlaw
    Tesoro Sand Shark
    Tesoro Silver uMax
    Tesoro Tejon
    Tesoro Tiger Shark
    Tesoro Vaquero

  • Nokta AU Gold Finder
    Nokta FORS CoRe
    Nokta FORS GOLD
    Nokta Fors Gold Plus
    Nokta FORS Relic
    Nokta Golden King DPR Plus
    Nokta Golden King NGR
    Nokta Golden Sense
    Nokta Impact
    Nokta Velox One

  • Makro CF77
    Makro Deephunter 3D
    Makro Gold Racer
    Makro Jeohunter 3D Dual System
    Makro Jeohunter Basic System
    Makro Jeoscan 2D System
    Makro Jeotech LED
    Makro Racer
    Makro Racer 2

  • Deteknix Quest Diver
    Deteknix Quest Gold
    Deteknix Quest PRO

  • Golden Mask 1
    Golden Mask 1 Plus HF
    Golden Mask 2
    Golden Mask 3
    Golden Mask 3 Plus Turbo
    Golden Mask 4
    Golden Mask 4 Pro
    Golden Mask 4WD Pro
    Golden Mask 5
    Golden Mask NOS e200
    Golden Mask NOS e300
    Golden Mask Thracian

  • Detech Chaser 14 kHz
    Detech Chaser 28 kHz
    Detech Chaser 4.8 kHz
    Detech EDS Gold Catcher
    Detech EDS Plus 2
    Detech EDS Reacher
    Detech EDS Winner 2
    Detech Relic Striker
    Detech SSP-3100 Pro
    Detech SSP-5100

  • Detector Pro Pirate
    Detector Pro Pirate Pro
    Detector Pro Underwater
    Detector Pro Wader

  • MP Series MP3
    MP Series MP3 Pro
    MP Series MPX

  • Viper Hybrid All Purpose
    Viper Hybrid Trident

  • Cobra Beach Magnet
    Cobra Wader Series

  • 1st Texas Titan 9000

Garrett Ace 200 Metal Detector Review

This is a great metal detector for beginners to use when they want to understand how to control this equipment. The Garrett Ace 200 is powerful enough to easily find coins and jewelry, but not so powerful or expensive that it is difficult for beginners to handle. There are some great features that it offers […]

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  • 29.08.2019

Makro Deephunter Pro 3D Metal Detector Review

What’s really impressive about this powerful metal detector is that it is able to locate individual coins, as well as deeper treasures that are hiding further underground. The Makro Deephunter Pro is an extremely advanced metal detector, and one that is designed for use by avid fans. Not only does this metal detector easily work […]

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  • 29.08.2019

Makro Jeotech Metal Detector Review

Professionals looking for a powerful metal detector that goes above and beyond what other models are able to do will definitely want to consider the Makro Jeotech. This powerful model is not only one of the best options for finding objects deep in the ground, but is also incredibly sensitive, which makes it ideal for […]

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  • 28.08.2019

Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star Metal Detector Review

Not all metal detectors have to be overly expensive to work well and provide professional results as the powerful Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star detector proves. This is a powerful metal detector that offers professional results thanks to the durable search coil, impressive and clear LCD screen that is easy to read, and comfortable handle […]

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  • 28.08.2019

White’s Matrix M6 Metal Detector Review

Perfect for fans of metal detecting who want to be able to turn on their metal detector and hit the road without worrying about controls, the White’s M6 metal detector is powerful while being surprisingly user friendly. Even though it is so powerful and features such an impressive coil, this metal detector is still light […]

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  • 28.08.2019

Teknetics G2 Plus Metal Detector Review

The Teknetics G2 Plus metal detector is the new and improved version of the G2, and thanks to its updates and advances, it’s a great option for anyone who wants to spend time outside finding treasure. The new notch mode features adjustable notch width so that users can easily drill down when working. Additionally, the […]

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  • 30.11.2016

Teknetics Omega 8500 Metal Detector Review

Some metal detectors are simply too advanced or tricky for beginners to use, which can be frustrating for anyone who is just getting started with this hobby. Luckily, the Teknetics Omega 8500 is a great option that manages to balance power and affordability, making it an obvious choice for anyone who wants a metal detector […]

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  • 30.11.2016

XP Gold Maxx Power Metal Detector Review

​This review of XP Gold Maxx metal detector will drop out technical features as all of these aspects are listed in the user manual so I will not focus on them in tis review. Also mind that I do not sell or distribute metal detectors, and my reviews contain only my opinion and ideas as of […]

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  • 30.11.2016
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