Sometimes treasures hunt us

A story of finding of this coin is as mysterious as life is…

On a Saturday morning of 2010 traditionally I went to treasure hunt. Casting about places I would like to visit, I chose the simplest and the easiest to reach one. It was near my house and having finished another cup of coffee I started out.

A few hours earlier it was a heavy rain and having reached the place I understood that it would be a big challenge. It was rather hard to step on the ground, the mud stuck to everything around.


For two hours with metal detector I found nothing but litter and few contemporary coins. I decided to make a break and getting down a slope I set on a stub and cleaned my shoes from the stuck mud.

Having cleaned one of the shoes I got to clean another one… and froze for several seconds as I saw a coin in a piece of mud fallen from my shoe. It was a silver Ort of 1625 (George William, Elector of Brandenburg) as it later turned out it was a rather rear one, on which I had stepped and had brought on my shoes… but where?

Treasures. Silver coin

Having switched my metal detector on, I went in the back direction following my traces and hoping to pick up a coin signal. But unfortunately my attempt failed.

Treasures hunt

I could not stop as I clearly saw a green coat on the coin which meant that the coin was in the ground and there was more than one coin there… But all of my attempts to detect them failed. After I cleaned the coin at home, this coat turned to brown, which you can see even now on the coin.

Sometimes treasures hunt us

That is the mysterious story.

I came back to the place of detection of this coin. I found there a lot of interesting findings but I failed to find another coin of the same period there.

I wish you good luck, my dear friends. If you have the same interesting and mysterious stories, you are welcome to share your experience of hunting such mysterious coins!

  • 15.12.2015

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