Teknetics G2 Plus Metal Detector Review

Teknetics G2 Plus Metal Detector Review

The Teknetics G2 Plus metal detector is the new and improved version of the G2, and thanks to its updates and advances, it’s a great option for anyone who wants to spend time outside finding treasure. The new notch mode features adjustable notch width so that users can easily drill down when working. Additionally, the adjustable backlighting on the screen makes it easier than ever to read the information there, no matter what the weather is or how much sun is out. 

A slim design makes it easy to control this metal detector without worrying about it swinging out of control, and the padded arm rest and Velcro strap keeps it perfectly in place at all times. Thanks to the enhanced V-break Tone Discrimination system, users will be able to learn what the tones on the metal detector mean, making it easy to determine what is in the ground. 

With a 19 kHZ operating frequency, it is very difficult to miss anything, no matter its size or how deep in the ground it is buried. The continuous ground condition readout provides users with all of the information that they need to determine what type of mineral they have found, and the iron oxide graph shows mineralization amounts to make this job even easier. Thanks to the included comprehensive manual, operating this metal detector is easier than ever. 

There are 19 sensitivity levels to choose from, which allow users to adjust depending on where they are searching and what they are looking for, which will decrease the number of false tones they hear. One-touch ground balance keeps the metal detector always in contact with the ground so that it is constantly scanning for any hidden items, no matter how rough the terrain is or how much trouble the user has keeping the detector parallel with the ground.

  • 30.11.2016

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