The trove of silver coins of the XVI century

A story of the founder

The discovery of this trove is a result of lasting and very painstaking work.

Researching the archives, I found a documentary description of a trove finding of the 60s of the previous century when a field was plowed (over half a century had passed already). For two years the information on this site was gathered little by little and the place was localized to start the research.

Metal detecting finds. The trove of silver coins of the XVI century

The trove was found not far from Moldavian city of Orchey. A tractor driver discovered a part of coins when plowed a field. Personally I found 328 coins (dated from 1579 to 1606), the coins were scattered within a 30m radius. Some coins were almost on the surface, while the main part of the trove (over 200 coins) were dug out from the depth of half a meter.

Metal detecting finds. The trove of silver coins of the XVI century 2

About 30 of the found coins appeared to be very rear artifacts.

The date of finding: February of 2010

Location: Moldova

Metal detector: XP Gold Maxx Power

The composition of the trove: 328 coins: 3 groshen and 6 groshen coins of Stefan Batory, Sigizmund III as well as of Fridriech Kettler.

Estimated: 55 000$

  • 08.12.2015

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