XP Gold Maxx Power Metal Detector Review

​This review of XP Gold Maxx metal detector will drop out technical features as all of these aspects are listed in the user manual so I will not focus on them in tis review.

Also mind that I do not sell or distribute metal detectors, and my reviews contain only my opinion and ideas as of usage of any metal detecting device.

Advantages of XP Gold Maxx Power

Key advantage of this metal detector is its sensitivity. If a chain link will appear under a coil of the XP Gold Maxx Power tool, it will immediately warn you about its detection. The response to a target is immediate regardless of the depth and size of the target.

​This is a key reason why Gold Maxx Power detector is my favorite one.

For example, I like the metal detecting products of the Minelab company due to their specific approach to development of the smallest details of the construction, due to the quality of the materials used in the construction of its devices and so on, however the metal detectors of the brand respond to targets with a short delay which is a crucial factor for me when choosing a metal detector.

But if to go deeper in details, I gave up using the metal detectors of the brand due to a sound produced by the tools. For many years of treasure hunting experience I have not managed to get used to this specific sound.

Among the advantages of XP Gold Maxx Power I can point out a good discrimination as the detector hardly ever fails to distinguish iron from non-ferrous metals.

The absence of a display though being not an advantage of the device is still not a problem for an experienced user. This is a peculiarity of the device rather than disadvantage. All the data sensed by the detector can be simply rendered by sound: you will easily understand sorts of metal under the coil or depth of treasure location. Understanding the signals is very simple: the deeper a target is the quieter the sound will be, and ,vice versa, the closer the detector is to the goal, the louder the signal will be.

With this metal detector you will not waste time scanning all data displayed on a screen of the device. You simply listen to what the coil has detected and dig in this place.

The disadvantages of XP Gold Maxx Power

An obvious disadvantage of this metal detector is, by my consideration, a choice of binding materials of different stiffness, the form factor and the build quality.

The materials

The combination of stiff plastic used for electronic unit and soft plastic of the binding element (and the arm-rest itself) results in a sensible looseness of the construction after some time of usage. It is a combination of specific way of binding and the construction itself provoking looseness which in its turn destroys the binding in time.

The arm rest made of soft plastic is a good solution, it will not split when dropped or transported, however using such soft material for binding elements is unpractical to my mind.

Electronic unit

Four bolts, screwed in front panel… are you serious? I will take it, ok, it is only a matter of aesthetics of the device. A different matter is an open speaker located on the same front side and the microphone output which perfectly accumulate dust and water.


Considering the type of binding of electronic unit the ergonomics appears to be excellent, the weight of the device is distributed very evenly that does not burden the arm, however all the advantages of the location of electronic unit are negated when you are walking on wet grass or wetlands.

I strongly warn you against using the device without protective case as all the dust and water from the environment will get into the “heart” of the tool as soon as you will put it on the ground.

By the way, the metal detector can be damaged without the protective case even on dry ground as wind blow will stuff the detector with dust.


To my mind the XP Gold Maxx Power metal detector is a good solution as for pro treasure hunters so for beginners. Simplicity of setting in combination with excellent sensitivity and immediate response to a target are factors turning this device into a perfect assistant for hunting of any treasures.

The frequency of 18kHz allows to detect various targets regardless of size. You will easily detect as the smallest so rather big targets.

By now this detector is my choice for those grounds which do not give any signals for long time, but Gold Maxx detector always finds some treasures.

  • 30.11.2016

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