XVII century coins treasure

I discovered this treasure in 2012 on the setting of a garden which was there in the XVII century.

The former garden was in a few miles from a drowned settlement (due to construction of a new hydro-electric power station). The drowning happened in 1983. The drowned location was erased on the former medieval settlement. Due to the location of the garden on the hill it was almost untouched by the flood.

This was my destination to hunt the next treasure.

Having overcome a hundred of miles of road I set my boat to a bay, which you can see on this picture.

Treasure Hunt

While I was waiting for a boat, a hurricane was about to break out. It delayed me for a couple of hours.

Treasure Hunt 2

After the hurricane calmed down, I got into a boat and in an hour I reached my destination. Here I had to step on the shore and to deep into the wood.

Treasure Hunt 3

I found the destination of a supposed garden fast and in a few hours of treasure hunting I found several coins of the XVII century. After the sunset when I was about to leave the setting to find a place for sleeping I noticed a clear colored signal among two high trees.

Metal detecting finds. XVII century coins treasure

Starting to dig in the place of the signal I immediately noticed a few coins in the soil and some parts of a vessel in which these coins were previously hidden.

Metal detecting finds. XVII century coins treasure 2

I was done with gathering the coins from the dig when it was already dark around. And I used my flashlight. It is impossible to communicate my emotions what I felt then when I realized the value of my treasure which I discovered there. It was like a good fairytale which suddenly came true and you became its main character.

Coins treasure 3

The treasure consisted of 1236 of small coins of the XVII century most of which were silver coins of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Metal detecting finds. XVII century coins treasure 3

Most of the coins were in a good condition, especially those ones which were wrapped in sacking and stored at the bottom of the vessel. Though the vessel was broken, a part of cloth has preserved.

Coins treasure 5

It was an unforgettable journey full of great emotions which gave me a chance to touch upon the past and the history of our ancestors.

Good luck, my friends!

  • 21.12.2015

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